Gaami Movie: Release Date, Trailer, Songs, Cast

Gaami Movie Filmy4way: Gaami, a Telugu drama slated for release on March 8, 2024, delves into the life of Shankar, a solitary Aghori afflicted with a rare human condition. His quest for a cure leads him on an adventurous journey filled with introspection and challenges. Directed by Vidyadhar Kagita, the film features Vishwak Sen and Chandini Chowdary in pivotal roles. For those seeking a captivating and unconventional cinematic experience, Gaami promises to be a compelling watch.

Gaami Movie Filmy4way Details

Release Date8 March 2024
CastVishwak Sen, Chandini Chowdary, Abhinaya, Dayanand Reddy, Rajiv Kumar Aneja, Ramya Pasupuleti, Shanthi Rao, Mohammad Samad, Rajiv Kumar, Harika Pedada, John Kottoly
DirectorVidyadhar Kagita
WriterVidyadhar Kagita
CinematographyVishwanath Reddy
MusicNaresh Kumaran
ProducerKarthik Sabareesh
ProductionClown Pictures, Swetha Vahini Studios, Tamada Media

About Gaami Movie (2024)

To find the cure for his rare condition, an Aghori (Vishwak Sen) embarks on an adventurous journey.

Gaami Movie Trailer

here’s a FAQ for the movie “Gaami”:

1. What is the storyline of Gaami?

  • Gaami revolves around the lives of various characters intertwined by fate and explores themes of love, sacrifice, and redemption in the backdrop of a rural setting.

2. Who are the main actors in Gaami?

  • The main cast includes Vishwak Sen, Chandini Chowdary, Abhinaya, Dayanand Reddy, Rajiv Kumar Aneja, Ramya Pasupuleti, Shanthi Rao, Mohammad Samad, Rajiv Kumar, Harika Pedada, and John Kottoly.

3. Who directed Gaami?

  • Gaami is directed by Vidyadhar Kagita.

4. Who wrote the screenplay for Gaami?

  • The screenplay of Gaami is also written by Vidyadhar Kagita.

5. Who handled the cinematography for Gaami?

  • Vishwanath Reddy is the cinematographer for Gaami.

6. Who composed the music for Gaami?

  • The music for Gaami is composed by Naresh Kumaran.

7. Who produced Gaami?

  • Gaami is produced by Karthik Sabareesh.

8. Who is the Release Date Gaami?

  • Gaami Movie Release Date 8 March 2024

9. Which production companies are associated with Gaami?

  • Gaami is produced under the banners of Clown Pictures, Swetha Vahini Studios, and Tamada Media.
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