Gauraiya Live Movie: Release Date, Trailer, Songs, Cast

Gauraiya Live Filmy4wap 2024: Gauraiya Live is a highly anticipated upcoming Indian drama film from the Bollywood industry that promises to be a visual treat for cinema lovers. The movie has been skillfully directed by Gabriel Vats, a talented filmmaker who has masterfully brought the story to life on the big screen. The film boasts a talented and experienced star cast including the likes of Pankaj Jha and Onkar Das Manikpuri, who have left no stone unturned in delivering captivating performances.

MovieGauraiya Live
Release Date29 March 2024
CastAda Singh, Omkar Das, Seema Saini, Narendra Khatri, Shagufta Ali, Riddhi Gupta, Vinay Jha, Aarav Rangare, Ganesh Singham
DirectorGabriel Vats
WriterSeema Saini, Gabriel Vats
CinematographyMahesh Sarojini Rajan
ProducerRohit raj singh Chouhan, Nishant Jain, Rajeev Jain, Rahul Rangare
ProductionRare Films, Tea & Poetry Films

About Gauraiya Live Movie (2024)

A family protects a Gauraiya bird in disguise. Based on a true incident.  

Gauraiya Live Movie Trailer

Gauraiya Live Movie FAQ

1. What is the release date of “Gauraiya Live”?

  • “Gauraiya Live” is set to release on 8th March 2024.

2. In which language is “Gauraiya Live” available?

  • The movie is available in Hindi.

3. What genre does “Gauraiya Live” belong to?

  • “Gauraiya Live” falls under the Drama genre.

4. Who are the main cast members of “Gauraiya Live”?

  • The main cast includes Ada Singh, Omkar Das, Seema Saini, Narendra Khatri, Shagufta Ali, Riddhi Gupta, Vinay Jha, Aarav Rangare, and Ganesh Singham.

5. Who directed “Gauraiya Live”?

  • “Gauraiya Live” was directed by Gabriel Vats.

6. Who wrote the screenplay for “Gauraiya Live”?

  • The screenplay was written by Seema Saini and Gabriel Vats.

7. Who handled the cinematography for “Gauraiya Live”?

  • Mahesh Sarojini Rajan was in charge of cinematography for the movie.

8. Who produced “Gauraiya Live”?

  • The movie was produced by Rohit Raj Singh Chouhan, Nishant Jain, Rajeev Jain, and Rahul Rangare.

9. Which production companies were involved in making “Gauraiya Live”?

  • “Gauraiya Live” was produced by Rare Films and Tea & Poetry Films.

10. What is the premise of “Gauraiya Live”?

  • The storyline revolves around [Provide brief description or summary of the movie’s plot].
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