Night Swim: Release Date, Trailer, Songs, Cast

Night Swim Movie Filmy4wap Following their relocation to a new residence, a family becomes haunted by an otherworldly entity that manifests within their backyard swimming pool in the movie “Night Swim” (2024).

Night Swim Movie Filmy4wap Details:

MovieNight Swim
Release Date5 January 2024 US
Release Date19 January 2024 India
GenreHorror, Thriller
Duration1 hour 56 minutes
CastKerry Condon, Wyatt Russell, Amélie Hoeferle, Nancy Lenehan, Ben Sinclair, Gavin Warren, Jodi Long, Ellie Araiza, Preston Galli, Elijah J. Roberts, Eddie Martinez
DirectorBryce McGuire
WriterBryce McGuire
CinematographyCharlie Sarroff
ProducersJason Blum, James Wan
ProductionAtomic Monster, Blumhouse Productions, Universal Pictures, Witchcraft Motion Picture Company

About Night Swim Movie (2024)

After moving into their new home, a family is haunted by the presence of a supernatural force in their backyard swimming pool.

Night Swim Movie Songs

1.OpeningMark Korven2:50Listen
2.Ray’s FallMark Korven1:19Listen
3.NostalgiaMark Korven1:58Listen
4.Pool Scare HealingMark Korven3:08Listen
5.Elliot SwimsMark Korven2:13Listen
6.Marco PoloMark Korven1:21Listen
7.He Won’t Let GoMark Korven3:19Listen
8.The Deep WaterMark Korven1:45Listen
9.Eve and Ray FightMark Korven1:10Listen
10.The Night You Were BornMark Korven1:05Listen
11.Kids Have Seen ThingsMark Korven5:22Listen
12.Saving ElliotMark Korven6:31Listen
13.Shown the WayMark Korven2:16Listen
14.Don’t Look BackMark Korven2:49Listen
15.EndingMark Korven2:05Listen
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