Salman Khan’s Ex-Girlfriend, Somy Ali, Strongly Reacts To His Death Threats: ‘I Wouldn’t Wish This Upon Anyone…

Salman Khan’s ex Somy Ali comes out in huge support for him after he receives death threats.

Salman Khan, despite having numerous adversaries in the industry, is currently garnering prayers and well-wishes from even those who may have opposed him in the past. He has been facing persistent threats to his life from gangster Lawrence Bishnoi due to the Blackbucks case. A recent incident of gunfire outside his residence has heightened concerns among his family and fans regarding his safety.

Salman Khan's Ex-Girlfriend, Somy Ali, Strongly Reacts To His Death Threats: 'I Wouldn't Wish This Upon Anyone…

Somy Ali, Salman Khan’s former partner, who has been vocal about her past experiences with him, has now expressed her support for the superstar. In a recent interview with HT, she was asked about her thoughts on his current situation, to which she strongly disapproved, emphasizing that she doesn’t wish such challenges on anyone.

Somy Ali- Nobody deserves what Salman Khan is going through

Somy emphasized that she prefers not to revisit her history with Salman, as it’s widely known. She expressed sympathy for his current situation, stating that nobody should endure what he’s experiencing. She even offered prayers for him and suggested letting bygones be bygones. “I wouldn’t wish what Salman is going through on my worst enemy. Regardless of past differences, no one deserves such hardships.”

Salman Khan to NOT stay in Galaxy Apartments after the firing incident?

Reports have emerged suggesting that Salman Khan may consider relocating from Galaxy Apartments following the recent firing incident. However, the superstar has yet to address these rumors. On the professional front, Salman is preparing for his upcoming film “Sikandar” alongside Rashmika Mandanna, directed by AR Murugadoss. Additionally, he is set to appear in “Tiger Vs Pathaan” alongside Shah Rukh Khan.

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