Masoom Kaatil Movie: Release Date, Trailer, Songs, Cast

Masoom Kaatil Movie Filmy4wap: “Masoom Kaatil” is a Hindi crime thriller drama film penned and helmed by Shyam Bharteey, featuring Aakash Gupta and Jagriti Reigns in the lead roles. Aniruddh, a 17-year-old student, comes from a family that deems killing animals a sin and refrains from consuming non-vegetarian food. However, he begins targeting butchers for their cruelty towards animals. Upon meeting Vedika, they devise a complex scheme. Will they achieve their goal? The narrative of “Masoom Kaatil” revolves around an innocent killer pleading with his mother, “Stay with me, don’t leave me, I’m scared.”

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Masoom Kaatil Movie Filmy4wap Details

MovieMasoom Kaatil
Release Date12 April 2024
GenreCrime, Thriller
CastAakash Gupta, Jagriti Reigns
DirectorShyam Bharteey
WriterShyam Bharteey
ProducerShyam Bharteey
ProductionSanvika Production
CertificateA (for Adults)

About Masoom Kaatil Movie (2024)

Inspired by the values instilled by his vegetarian family, who view harming animals as morally wrong, 17-year-old Aniruddh (portrayed by Aakash Gupta) begins targeting butchers for their mistreatment of animals.

Masoom Kaatil Movie Trailer

“Masoom Kaatil” Movie FAQ:

1. What is the release date of “Masoom Kaatil”?

  • “Masoom Kaatil” was released on April 12, 2024.

2. In which language is the movie “Masoom Kaatil” available?

  • The movie is available in Hindi.

3. What genre does “Masoom Kaatil” belong to?

  • “Masoom Kaatil” falls under the genres of Crime and Thriller.

4. Who are the main cast members of “Masoom Kaatil”?

  • The main cast includes Aakash Gupta and Jagriti Reigns.

5. Who directed “Masoom Kaatil”?

  • The movie was directed by Shyam Bharteey.

6. Who wrote the screenplay for “Masoom Kaatil”?

  • Shyam Bharteey is credited as the writer for the screenplay.

7. Who produced “Masoom Kaatil”?

  • Shyam Bharteey served as the producer of the film.

8. Which production company worked on “Masoom Kaatil”?

  • “Masoom Kaatil” was produced under the banner of Sanvika Production.

9. What certification does “Masoom Kaatil” hold?

  • The movie has received an A certificate, indicating it is suitable for adult audiences.

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